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jerryh20's picture

ok bb lets talk. - fuel pressure 160 - no codes or check engine light - refueling / putting gas in the tank seems to be restricted . starts and runs - shuts down after 5 or 10 mins but restarts - coil packs replaced because one had heat cracks...

dave1959's picture

a small piece of the plastic elbow that runs from the tensioner to the block fell into the motor. do I need to remove the head to retrieve it or will it be okay to leave it in

mikemilam's picture

how to replace heater core in 2005 grand prix

KandiceBoykin's picture

I'm changing my heater core and ran into a small but big problem. I can't get the black bolts that's around the heater core off.its a 2005. Once I get how to take them off I'll be able to finish my job

aput930's picture

I have a 2004 Grand Prix. Drove it to work this morning, went out to go to lunch & it would not start. When the key is turned to ACC, the radio, lights, wipers, etc. all work, but when you turn to start the ignition...nothing. The engine will...

JoelofGinas's picture

I need to remove and replace my heater core in my 05 Pontiac Grand Prix GT? Do's it matter if its a GT?

billups59's picture

I have a 05 grand prix when i try to start it want strat but at times it starts ok.

dougaw's picture

I have a 2004 grand prix with a heater problem. It occurs intermittently and only when it is cold (both engine and exterior temperature). The heater will not blow heat and the control panel for the climate control (including heated seats and...

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how do i change the heater core in 1978 pontiac grand prix

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how to change heater core on 1978 grand prix's picture

I have a 1999 Grand Prix sc. My problem is the driver side temperature doesnt change when I adjust the temp controls. The fan fan speed is correct but the temp air feels like Im just running the fan. It also does this with the ac. Passenger...

shadetree scott's picture

I have a 2001 Pontiac Grand Am SE 2.4 Liter twin cam with a bad fuel injector. It is spraying to much fuel. I need to know the correct steps to remove them without damaging the wrong one as I do not know which one is bad. My funds are limited so...

roni's picture

my transmission light can up on my dash today. i parked to let it cool down I thought that might help. It didn't. on my way home the light started flashing, what could that be caused from

choralcat's picture

The power steering in my 2004 Grand Prix whines when I turn the wheel. The sound is louder when turning right than it is when turning left and louder still if I speed up during the turn.

Binderpower's picture

Where is the blower resistor located on the grand prix?

ddauterive's picture

Do you have to remove the dash on a 2006 pontiac grand prix to replace the heater core?

carldnldsn's picture

blower motor only works on high. blower resister has been replaced but still only works on high got any thoughts on what else to do.thx

christopher1985's picture

I need to find the reset switch on a 1999 Pontiac Grand Prix

christopher1985's picture

Is there a reset switch on a 1999 Pontiac Grand Prix? If so where would it be located?

ogige's picture

I am working on 1991 grand prix. both fans ran with ac on but neither would run when temp rose. i tried to connect 12 volts to pos of fan closest to battery and the fan started to run. i then disconnected 12 volt jumper and then turned ac on...